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A detailed guide showing you how to be your own general contractor and build your own home. Includes all the steps to building a house, learn how to choose land,  how to get financing and all the details required to get your home built.  Includes plans for a home that has proven to be a great money maker! 


Information on how to choose sub-contractors, suppliers and materials. How to save on the cost to build a house. You need no construction knowledge or experience your job is to organize the build.  Be an owner builder and learn everything you need to know and all the steps to building a house.



How you can earn or save money on your build and earn a huge profit on each home. Save a huge amount of money on the cost to build a house. Currently using the home plan provided my profits are in excess of $100,000 per house. With "THE BLUEPRINT" you can make profits like this too! 


"THE BLUEPRINT" is a unique guide detailing everything you need to know to build a home. You do not need any construction knowledge or ability, your job is to manage the project. It is also unique in that you will receive a set of viable blueprints to jumpstart your build. Included with your package are blueprints for a 2100 square foot, 4 bedroom home that has provided an excellent return every time.  You can use these prints to build this fantastic home or "THE BLUEPRINT" can guide you through the design and build of your own choice of home. Either way "THE BLUEPRINT" can provide you with all the steps to building a house and everything you need to get your venture completed.  

Using the provided steps to building a house can provide you a beuatiful new home.